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We are up and running! Our blog is all fancy! :) 

Okay so when we started Our Tv Review we made it one of our secondary blogs. Why? Good question.. Because OTR has its own email address. So! We are moving! We are gonna still keep this page up but its gonna change to oldourtvreview so our new blog can be named ourtvreview. Just wanted to let you guys know! We will let you know when the new blog is up! 

Adventure time!!!! Omg marshall is adorable.

The Middle was so adorable…

I am loving Sue and Darrin. Just ack… love it. 

They are so cute!!!!! And she looked so pretty in her dress! The song! Just loved it. 

Axl’s reaction… that was just amazing. 

Omg sugar sprinkles… you are adorable. I want one. :)

A star trek reference…omg.

Poor blythe

Somekne needs to fix that hole..

Oh jeez.. this can’t be good.

Does her aunt know she has a cat living ibn her truck? Just wondering..

Omg serious business. Lots of singing.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh bdjsoaowhebtfjsoaoaue twilight!!!!!!!! Omg.. what? Jrjdusbahdg

Liquid pride.. :

Body of proof is back!!!!